Together, we can do more.

Our Mission

Formed in 2017, give256 was created by a group of community leaders and the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville to unite, encourage, and inform emerging philanthropists to make a collective impact on Greater Huntsville. This innovative program allows members to pool their money and make a positive impact on our community.

"Incorporating generosity to my day to day life has been such a transformative experience. I'm so glad to be a philanthropist investing in the work of local nonprofits... and all in my twenties!"

Angela Lochen

Our Members

The give256 membership is a diverse group of individuals, couples, families, and friends who are united in their desire to pool their money with others and learn more about nonprofits in Huntsville. Members are in their 20s through 70s and live in neighborhoods across the Huntsville area.


How to Join

Join any time during the year by giving $256 to make our community better, and your membership will be good for 365 days. Your dollars are then pooled with others, and you decide together which local organizations you want to receive the money. 

You can pay with a one-time donation or through monthly installments. Want to give more than $256? Donations above and beyond that amount are always welcome. You can also become a Lifetime Member.

  • Monthly Payments

    $25.60 per month

  • Annual Payments

    $256 per year

  • Lifetime Payment

    $2,560 one time donation

Please note that all credit card gifts are subject to a fee assessed by the credit card issuer. This fee has been added to the monthly donations. Your entire contribution is tax-deductible fully of the law. Once accepted by The Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville, all donations represent irrevocable contributions and are not refundable. Online donors will have the option of covering processing fees for lifetime, annual, or monthly donations.

give256 grant history


Grants Total $10,000
  • 305 8th Street
  • CAP & GOWN Project


Grants Total $14,000
  • CAP & GOWN Project
  • Huntsville Community Drumline
  • National Children's Advocacy Center
  • New Hope Children's Clinic


 Grants total $14,000
  • 305 8th Street
  • Downtown Rescue Mission

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get involved?

Give256 membership is inclusive and flexible to fit your schedule and interest.

Once you become a member you can get involve by voting on your grantee choices. There will be a final event hosted in the spring. Where the finalist will give 3 minutes presentation. Then you will submit your top choice using a voting link that will be provided.

You will be able to see your money going towards a great cause. We will keep you updated on the impact and progress of the grant. You will also be invited to engage into different events with features grantees and other opportunity to have fun with fellow members.

How are my dollars spent?

An important aspect of give256 is that 75% of all money contributed by members goes towards grants in the coming year and 25% goes into an endowment. An endowment is a way of investing that ensures a permanent source of funds for give256.

The principal of the endowment fund is never spent, and it can grow over time to generate an increasing stream of funding devoted to fulfilling the mission of give256. Earnings are used to make grants that meet community needs. Your gift—and all future income from your gift—is a permanent source of community funding that makes good works possible, forever.

Gifts are treated as follows:
  • Annual membership gifts, matches, and general donations from $256 to $2,559 may be paid as one-time gifts or installments. These are allocated 75/25 between the give256 annual grant fund and the give256 endowment fund.
  • Lifetime Membership gifts of $2,560 or more are allocated at 10% to the give256 annual grant fund in the year received, and 90% to the give256 endowment fund. Exceptions to this treatment may be made for gifts with restrictions, such as foundation grants.
Are give256 grants only made in Huntsville?

So far, give256 plans to give grants to only nonprofits within Madison County limits. However, as our membership expands, we expect to make some grants beyond Madison County, provided the need is sufficiently compelling.

How much grant funding should we request?

At this time, give256 plans to give grants ranging from $2,000 to $5,000. However, applicants may ask for more. The total amount available to grant out varies year to year, depending on membership levels.

Can my organization submit more than one application for different projects?

No, you may only submit one give256 grant request in a given cycle.


For Nonprofits

give256's informed and aware membership makes grants to support nonprofits in the greater Huntsville area. Click here for more information about the grant process.

 Please note the following eligibility criteria for submitting a give256 application:

  • Grants can only be made to 501(c)(3) organizations 
  • give256 grants range from $2,000 to $5,000

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