Ambassador Council

Navigating new paths of generosity.

Our Mission

The Ambassadors Council was created to represent the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville and its mission to the broader community. Ambassadors will serve as a catalyst for building relationships and partnerships with community organizations, businesses, and individuals throughout the area we call "home."

Our Members

Ambassadors Council members are appointed annually by the Board of Directors for a one-year term. Ambassadors are chosen to collectively represent diverse backgrounds, skill sets, experiences, and community sectors to identify areas for community outreach opportunities.

Strategic Goals

  • Increase awareness of the Community Foundation in the community

  • Communicate the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville's mission and programs to the community

  • Facilitate introductions with community leaders

  • Expand relationships with donors, prospective donors, and other leaders within the community

  • Volunteer and represent the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville at hosted events

Our Meetings

In addition to participation and/or support of the Summit on Philanthropy and NAVIGATE Nonprofit Network Conference, Ambassadors Council will meet quarterly.


2020 Ambassador Council

 Joe Alexander
Carol Madry Bell
Austin Boyd
Greg Brown
Ashley Clark
Phil Coker
Daryl Davis
Toni Eberhart
Mary Grace Evans
Tristram Evans

Kevin Fernandez
Brad Garland
Leah Gradl
Kristina Hendrix
Tim Holcombe
Brian House
Hank Isenberg
Michelle Jordan
Vicki Kretzschmar
LeAnne McGee

Lamont Redrick
Chris Russell
Cecilia Showalter
Joan Smith
Jessica Hovis Smith
Melissa Thompson
Veronica Tucker
Nancy Washington Vaughn
Joanna White
Bree Wilbourn

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