Corporate Giving Network

A professional network of business associates within the Greater Huntsville area


The Community Foundation's Corporate Giving Network is a professional network of business associates within the Greater Huntsville area who engage in corporate philanthropy and/or community relations with the purpose of growing generosity in our region by inspiring and supporting corporations in their philanthropic efforts. 


The Corporate Giving Network meets on the third Thursday in February, May, August, and November from 8:00 - 9:30am to provide an opportunity for business associates to connect with peers and to learn how other local companies utilize their charitable giving programs.

Planning Team

  • Stephanie Bastiaans (Chair) | Huntsville Employee & Community Engagement, Lockheed Martin

  • Michele Armstrong | Charitable Giving and Community Outreach Coordinator, ERC

  • Erin Bloxham Curtis | Marketing Director, Canvas, Inc.

  • Eric Franchois | Employee Engagement Specialist, MartinFederal Consulting, LLC.

Benefits of Participation

  • Brainstorm with peers in a collaborative environment

  • Participate in building a culture of generosity in our community

  • Learn best practices for engaging in corporate philanthropy

  • Find opportunities for collective grant making to increase your company’s positive impact on our community

  • Access to common grant maker tools and practices developed by the Corporate Giving Network

  • Take advantage of the opportunity to upgrade your philanthropic IQ through continuing education

Member Expectations

  • Participate in Community Foundation events or informational sessions that promote and encourage philanthropy

  • Help recruit new philanthropically-oriented members for the network and increase its sphere of influence

  • Support the local nonprofit community with corporate grant making through corporate funds and/or employee giving funds

How to Get Involved

The Corporate Giving Network is free and open to all businesses, companies, and corporations in the Greater Huntsville community committed to improving our community through philanthropy. Contact the Community Foundation at to discuss how you can participate in the Corporate Giving Network.

"You know that feeling you have when you discover the secret sauce of something so life changing you can’t believe you didn’t know about it before? After spending the last 17 years in nonprofit management, I can tell you that the Community Foundation's Corporate Giving Network is the secret sauce for corporate giving. Want to know how to transform your culture through giving? CGN can help that. Want to know how to tap into lessons learned? CGN can help with that. Want to know what other companies are likeminded in their outreach efforts? CGN can help with that. No matter what your challenge is the CGN has the secret sauce." Erin Bloxham Curtis

CGN Membership Seal:

Members of the Corporate Giving Network receive a CGN Membership Seal each year. We encourage you to use this seal where suitable. If it is necessary to resize our logo, please resize keeping dimensions proportionately intact. Right click and "Save As" the adjacent logo.

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