Corporate Giving Funds

Maximize your company’s investment in our community

A Smart Way to Invest

Opening a Corporate Giving Fund at the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville is a smart way to maximize your company’s investment in our community. Corporate Giving Funds provide a convenient, flexible way for your business to show it cares about its local community and to build awareness about community needs. This type of fund can also strengthen employees’ relationships with one another and within the community by providing an enriching, shared-giving experience. Many companies use Corporate Giving Funds to help foster a “culture of giving” within their organizations by encouraging employees not only to give financially, but also to get involved in learning more about how nonprofits are benefiting the community where they live and work.

A Corporate Giving Fund is typically less-costly and less time-consuming to administer than other forms of gift administration, such as setting up your own 501(c)(3) organization, but it still allows you to establish a charitable legacy in the name of your business and to fulfill multiple charitable interests.

By working through the Community Foundation, you can choose to combine your gift with others to increase the impact in areas you or members of your organization care about most, your charitable gift qualifies you for maximum tax advantage under federal law, and you can take advantage of the expertise of professional program staff and investment managers. Your business can establish a fund today to pave the way to make investments back into the community both now and in the future.

How It Works

Your gifts are a source of community capital, helping to do the work that is important to you and to your employees.  In this way, your company has a larger and more visible investment in the community.

  • You set up a Corporate Giving Fund at the Community Foundation in the name of your company; for example, the Acme Corporate Giving Fund.
  • You collect employee contributions and remit those contributions to the Community Foundation to put into your Corporate Giving Fund.
  • You create an advisory team to recommend uses for your Corporate Giving Fund. The team works with our professional program staff to identify and support the public charities you care about most.
  • The Community Foundation handles all of the administrative details and issues grants to charities in the name of your Corporate Giving Fund. If you prefer, grants can be made anonymously.
  • The Community Foundation prepares the appropriate tax deduction acknowledgements for the employees who have contributed to your Corporate Giving Fund.

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