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Please indicate whether you want your gift to remain anonymous.

To donate by check, make the check out to Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville, and mail to PO Box 332, Huntsville, AL 35804

To give to a specific fund that is not listed by name on the drop-down menu below, please put the fund name in the Special Instructions field.

To donate by Credit Card:


Special Instructions


The Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville provides you with a simple, powerful, and highly-personalized approach to giving. We offer a variety of giving tools to help people achieve their charitable goals. You can make a gift of cash, stocks, bonds, real estate, or other assets to the Community Foundation for any fund we manage. Most charitable gifts qualify for maximum tax advantage under federal law.  For more information about the Community Foundation's Gift Acceptance Policy, please contact Stuart Obermann at stuart@communityfoundationhsv.org.

For Community Foundation fundholders, CLICK HERE for a fillable Donor Suggestion Form.  Please send your completed form to info@communityfoundationhsv.org.

If you want to learn more about how to use your IRA assets to do your charitable giving, CLICK HERE for more information about Charitable IRA Rollovers.

Use this simple calculator to figure out the net cost of a donation. Just enter the amount you would like to give and your federal tax bracket (see chart). The calculator will display the net cost of the donation and the tax savings. Note that when you make a donation of appreciated assets, such as publicly-traded stock, you get an additional tax advantage by avoiding capital gains tax on some or all of the appreciated value of the asset.

Combined Federal CampaignCFC #32411

2017 Federal Income Tax Brackets and Rates

Taxable Income

RateSingle FilersMarried Joint FilersHead of Household
10% $0 to $9,325 $0 to $18,650 $0 to $13,350
15% $9,326 to $37,950 $18,651 to $75,900 $13,351 to $50,800
25% $37,951 to $91,900 $75,901 to $153,100 $50,801 to $131,200
28% $91,901 to $191,650 $153,101 o $233,350 $131,201 to $212,500
33% $191,651 to $416,700 $233,351 to $416,700 $212,501 o $416,700
35% $416,701 to $418,400 $416,701 to $470,700 $416,701 to $444,550
39.6% Over $418,400 Over $470,700 Over $441,550

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MAILING P.O. Box 332 | Huntsville, Alabama 35804 • LOCATION 225 Church Street | Huntsville, Alabama 35801
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